Vivirla para conocerla, salir

With or without ice

After going to the beach, parties or doing some sports, you may fancy having a wine or  a beer with a tapa, enjoying the sun on a terrace, dining out or simply going out for a drink, or ayour many prefer doing all these things but in the correct order. The streets of Vilagarcía offer many temptations, from the typical tavern to a quiet cafe or moving on to an ingeniously decorated pub. The surroundings of A Baldosa and A Alameda, O Castro and the port offer a huge amount of choice. You may choose to have a drink with or without ice, though definitely not alone.

A Baldosa and Valentín Viqueira

A Baldosa is the hub of social life in Vilagarcía, with its wine streets and long-standing  terraces. It was one of the first streets to be pedestrianized in the city and this facilitated the opening of bars and coffee shops. There is a peaceful atmosphere, with an abundance of friends, couples, families and children passing through. It is definitely worth taking a look at the mosaic pavements signed by local artists.

In A Baldosa, including the side street that connects with O Castro Square, the visitor can find up to 15 bars and cafés. All available with a terrace, in which you can have a wine or a beer over a chat with friends, as you eat or dine al fresco, in the open air.

In the main section of the A Baldosa you will find a selection of bars such as: Stocolmo 2.0, Dysaina, Insuíña, Román, Vilagarcía, La Marimorena, Xosés, Churruca, La Baldosa, Grettel and Bar de Co . Further along, Tablizo O Curruncho and  Mareas Vivas.

In Valentín Viqueira Street you will find the El Trastero Bar and Diurno.

O Castro / Juan García

The heart of the town’s old quarter is home to pubs, tapas bars, wine bars and beer houses. The area is completely pedestrianized, which allows for terraces  during the summer. In the nearby streets of plaza de Martín Gómez Abal, you can find bars of different kind, so both  the young and the young at heart know they are going to have fun.

The old quarter of  O Castro  is a great place to start the “gira” or tour of the bars. On one side of the square, is the bar Lux, Malafama, La Urbana and La Parra de Julián. Continuing along to Juan García, you will come across Gin&Tonic and Bianco, and a step away Alobre, Morla, Tablizo, El Pasiego, Xuntanza and A Vila. The majority of the bars are wine and tapas bars, apart from Malafama, Bianco, Gyn&Tonic and Morla  which are  more of a conventional “drinks” bars.

A Xunqueira

The Arousa shopping centre, in A Xunqueira park, brings together a selection of well known names: from Pizza Móvil to Burger King, moving on to the Cervecería Gambrinus, a beer styled bar. The choice is further complemented with another beer house , la Armak, a fast food bar, Faster Meals, a bowling alley and a play centre for children (Camelot).

In the surroundings of A Xunqueira Park there are other popular bars and cafés, such as, París, O PIncho, La Boutique del Pan, Bella Arousa, Mezclum  or Andiana, which is nearby the exhibition site.

Alameda / Méndez Núñez / Romero Ortiz

These two parallel streets and their side streets form an area thriving with activity, thanks to its bars and boarding houses. There are numerous wine bars, coffee bars, pubs and some restaurants, which help make this part of the city one of the most diverse. This area full of terraces is ideal to see ot to be seen, a nice place to make new friends or bump into old ones.

In bars such as Moe´s and Miúdo,  Doña Tapa, Taller del Olvido, D’maría, La Malquerida and O Tapeo,  you will be able to have a wine or a beer, accompanied with a good tapa or ración –portion. In cafes such as La Marina and Tertulia in the heart of the  Alameda , you can have a drink under the shade of the plane trees. In coffee bars such as Canaima, Sold out, Gotham Club, La Bolsa or Coco, you can enjoy a coffee in the afternoon or, if you fancy, a drink at night time.

The Marina

The leisure-complex of the port is one of the areas with the brightest future. Its excellent location, between the dock and the main park of Vilagarcía, and within walking distance from the town centre, makes this area one of the most enticing areas to go out day or night.

Here you can find the Arousa multi-screen cinema with seven rooms, or local restaurants such as McDonald’s or El Bocatazo, but also pubs, beer houses and coffee bars such as Hibernia, Samá-Samá, MacLaren’s or La Pachanga. The bars often offer live music and live comedy stand-ups.

A Mariña

There are many bars and cafes in this avenue, one of the main arteries of Vilagarcía. Each step along, this street will present an invitation to enjoy a good night or maybe listen to good music with friends. The establishments in this area, are characterized by their tasteful décor, either indoors, where the combination of stone and wood prevails, or outdoors. 

Starting from the Plaza de la Pescadería, the first pub-cervecería is Bianco, followed by two tapas bars, Vinitos and Nova Barrantes.Then you come across, a disco-pub, Loft, just bebore getting to the La Alameda. From here, bars and coffee bars like Avenida, Los Arcos, Pepe Quilé or Villa Vinos  will invite you to have  a fresh drink alongside some tapas, whilst pubs such as Musaraña, Gaël and Dolce Vita guarantee the best beers and drinks.