Vilaxoán Restaurants

Vivirla para conocerla, gastronomía

Vilaxoan is a sea port that also offers delicious food. The establishments located here stand out for maintaining the most traditional methods using high quality products, a combination that gives rise to simple but tasty and high quality dishes which have been tried by hundreds of palates.

Tradicional Cuisine

As Eiras (Tavern)

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Situated a step away from the beach and decorated in a rustic style, it provides a pleasant atmosphere. Amongst its specialities its clams "a la marinera", fresh fish, squid, cuttlefish and other sea delicacies stand out.

Flora (Tavern)

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Stablishment with a pleasant atmosphere that is located just a few metres from the port of Vilaxoan. It offers traditional dishes prepared with fresh produce from the ría of Arousa; mussels with sauce is its speciality.

Acebo (Grill house)

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This grill restaurant with a modern and avant-garde décor and illumination is about 3km from the city centre. Among the Castilian and Galician dishes they serve, cooked in a wood-fired oven, the suckling lamb and the suckling pig and a wide variety of fish and sellfish stand out.