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The year has 50 weeks and Vilagarcía organizes 43 events. This means almost one a week. There are all kinds of events: festive, cinematographic,  artistic, gastronomic, folk, sports. Some of them are international, and others are traditions that  have been carried out for decades. Therefore, no matter when you visit Vilagarcía, you are likely to  coincide with some of these events, which will not disappoint you. The thing is that we are open all year round. And, of course, we are looking forward to your becoming one of us.

Eventos primavera, Camelia


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This contest aims to praise that flower, an identifiable emblem of the Rías Baixas, which is hosted in turns by Vilagarcía, Pontevedra and Vigo usually in March. Flower growers from all over Galicia, and especially from Rías Baixas participate in this contest. Some other activities are also carried out at the same time, such as a photo exhibition and contest focused on the camellia, guided tours to the pazo of Rubiáns or fashion shows.

Eventos primavera, Semana Santa


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Organized by the Brotherhood of the Second Station of the Cross, there are four main acts during the Holy Week in Vilagarcía. Firstly , Palm Sunday, with the benediction of the palms in the yard of the Sagrada Familia school. The second one, the Holy Thursday, at 19:30 the Holy Mass of the Last Supper of the Lord is celebrated with the participation of several choirs. After the “ritual washing of feet” the procession of the Nazarene goes along the main streets of the city, accompanied by the Vilagarcían brass band alongside the brotherhood’s cornet and drum corps. At the end of the procession the Holy Encounter takes place in front of the atrium of the parochial church. The third act takes place on the Holy Friday: in the morning, a concert of a choir; in the evening the procession of the Holy Burial and afterwards the Stations of the Cross. Finally on Saturday night the Easter Vigil with the ritual of the benediction of the water and the fire.

Eventos primavera, Torneo


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Tournanemt created in memory of the Vilagarcian Miguel Ángel González Estévez, a key figure in the development of the grassroot sport in the city, and more particularly basketball. This international tournament takes place the weekend prior to Easter and has a duration of three days. It aims at boys and girls U-14.

Eventos primavera, Basket Cup


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This tournament can be considered a pioneer in the organization of international grassroot basketball tournaments, fact that contributed to gaining recognition and the sponsorship of key figures in the national basketball (from trainers to national team players). It takes place in Easter. Being a U-20 competition for some time, it now focuses on U-14, U-16 and U-19 boys and girls. In addition to the competition there are also some fun-filled activities aimed at children of the U-12 category.

Eventos primavera, Enduro


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Around 400 mountain bike enthusiasts mostly from Galicia, Castilla-León and Portugal take part in two trials in mount Xiabre organized by the local club CastroBikes. The Enduro Route is 25 km long and the BTT, 40km long. Both share an average cumulative gain between 1,200 and 1,400 metres, consequently, it demands a good physical condition. The Enduro Route runs along some trail layout, whilst the BTT takes place along an open circuit.

Eventos primavera, Maios


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“Maios” or May’s Festival takes place the fist day of the flower’s month. This festival retrieves a Galician tradition consisting of an exhibition of the best “maios”, ornamental compositions made basically from flowers, grass, ferns, fruits and eggs and of some lyrical poems created and sang for that event. It normally takes place in the Miguel Hernández Park, if the weather is fine, otherwise it is held in the Plaza de la Pescadería.

Eventos primavera, Triatlon


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This team time trial triathlon is unique in Galicia and takes place the second Sunday of May. This activity is fast increasing the number of followers and participants year after year: around 400 sports men and women and 70 teams compete in an urban circuit. Today this event is a must for the best Galician triathletes.


  • Vilagarcian Bay
  • May

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This sports event takes place in May and is organized by the Real Club de Regatas Galicia – royal Galician club of regattas- together with the Comisión Naval de Regatas de la Escuela Naval de Marín – naval committee of regattas of the naval school of Marín. More than 35 vessels compete in the keelboat category (ORC keelboats, veteran and classic yatchs) sailing between Marín-Vilagarcía and viceversa.

Eventos primavera, Santa Rita


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Santa Rita’s celebrations are to honour the Italian saint, whose image is venerated at the Vistalegre convent, on the 22nd of May (local holiday). The celebration is the starting point for a marathon of fun-filled festivals, which the town hosts through to September. Santa Rita de Casia is much venerated by Vilagarcíans and their O Salnés neighbours who ask the “Patron saint of the impossible” to help them resolve their problems. The celebrations have a deeply religious nature: from very early in the morning and through the day, hundreds of devotees attend the crowded masses that take place in the church. In the evening, a teeming procession goes along the main streets of the town. A Celt market around the convent, live concerts and open-air dances complete the program of activities.


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Ágora Vermú was born with the idea of recovering a last century’s tradition of Sunday morning concerts performed in the streets by the Brass Band. This musical event resulting from the idea of maintaining this tradition and renewing it with some other musical groups and styles, can be enjoyed in different pedestrianized streets and squares of the city whilst having an aperitif during the months of May and June.

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