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Vilagarcía has a great number of parks and gardens that buzz with life, making the town pleasant and the living easy. In our city, the traveler can choose between urban parks, and parks located alongside the sea, but also river parks which are linked to traditional agriculture or also botanical gardens, the fruit of an aristrocrat’s passion who, for many years, gathered species from all over the world.

Miguel Hernández Park

Created in 2002, on an old fill from the port, it was previously used as an exhibition area. The park dedicated to the poet who embodies  freedom  has a surface area of 18,000 square metres. Divided into several areas (forest, camellias, lawn…) in every zone it is possible to find classical poems of Miguel Hernández, which gives something extra to this park, located in between the Avenida de la Marina and the area of bars next to the marina. It includes a bike lane along all its perimeter as well as one of the busiest play ground areas of the city centre with two well-defined areas, one aimed at 0-6 year-old children and  another at 6-12 children. It also has swings specially designed for disabled children.

“Enrique Valdés Bermejo” Botanical Garden.

With an area of 12,000 square metres, it is botanically the richest garden in town. Its origins date back to the 1930’s when the Dukes of Terranova decided to transform part of their property into a garden with a  great variety of exotic species that came through the port. According to the Forest Investigation Centre of Lourizán (Pontevedra) some of the trees in the garden are unique specimens. A small river, stone stars, a mill, and benches…., elements that  help  the place  have a special charm.

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Compostela Park

Situated along the beach of the same name, its origins date back to the start of the 20th century when the Town Council bought it to complement the Compostela beach. Enclosed by an iron fencing, the garden is home to some big tress, it also has lawn areas and a playground area for 0-12 year-old children.

Con Riverside Park

It is located in the A Florida area, an old priory linked to the San Martín de Santiago monastery. Here nature and history go hand in hand. Nature, as it is flanked by the two sides of a river in which paths, an indoor playground area for 6-12 year-old children and an eating area can be found. And history because it is the location of the well-known A Coca fountain as well as the remains of some of the seven waterwheels which used to be along the river.

A Xunqueira Park

This relatively new park (1994) is probably the most used by Vilagarcians. Situated alongside the Vistalegre monumental buildings, a step away from the river and very near the shopping centre, A Xunqueira park offers a walkway, lawn areas, two playground areas ( 0-6 and 6-12 year old children) some of which are adapted for the disabled, and even basketball courts. In summer, it hosts concerts and fun activities of all sorts.

Jardín del Centenario

Also called the centenary gardens. Like A Xunqueira, this is also an urban park which combines both hard surfaces to practice sports (skating) with walkways and garden zones. Its name is due to the fact that it was built by the sea to honour the century during which it was considered a port of “State interest”. The garden marks the beginning of a promenade which runs alongside the sea up to Carril. It also includes a bike lane which continues along the harbour area.

O Cavadelo Park

It is, without any doubt, the most urban of all the parks of the city. Located next to a car park and above an old port fill, it connects the Marina area with the port. Once inside the park, there is a basketball and a hockey court, a rollerblade and skateboarding circuit and the must-have playground area.

Plaza de España/Plaza de Ravella

Both are small gardens with more than a century of existence. The first one is located in front of the church. Whilst the second one, which includes a 0-6 year-old playground area, is opposite to the Town Hall. The large trees in the park give shade to the iron and red wooden benches.

Pet Park: Fexdega Area

The park is enclosed by a fence and includes some “agility” amenities for pets. It also has a fountain and litter bins where faeces can be thrown away.