Vilagarcía Tapas Bars

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The tapas bar area in Vilagarcía coincides with those mentioned in the section “Nightlife”. So, in the surroundings of A Baldosa, O Castro, Juan García and A Alameda, the traveller has up to thirty bars to choose from. Appealing squid dishes, octopus, the famous peppers from Padrón, baby squid or small fried fish share the menu with other more complex tapas. In addition to the already mentioned places, you can also find bars in the Arousa shopping centre and adjacent streets where you can have some tapas and enjoy good wine. Similarly, the areas of Méndez Núñez, Avenida de la Marina, Plaza de Ravella or Doctor Moreira Casal street.

Tapas Bars

Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Parra Julián

La Parra de Julián

/ / / /
Located in the pedestrian area of O Castro, this bar offers a wide variety of traditional dishes with a touch of innovation - fish from the ría of Arousa, excellent meat and a select wine list.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Alobre

Casa de Xantar Alobre

/ / / /
Stone, wood and glass are combined in this small establishment which offers a choice of tapas based on products from in the ría of Arousa cooked in a traditional and homemade style. Both its quiet dining room and its cosy terrace are perfect places to savour them.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Tablizo


/ /
Situated in the old quarter of the town, this stablishment has a terrace before each of its two façades and offers a wide range of tapas.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Xuntanza


/ / / / /
Its privileged location, in a pedestrian area of the old quarter of the town, makes its terrace a tranquile place. Alongside the set menu, it offers a wide range of tapas with a customer-friendly service.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Mareas Vivas

Mareas Vivas

/ / /
This bar is situated in the pedestrian area of O Castro with a small terrace on it. Its speacialities - Spanish omelette and callos (tripe stew with chickpeas) - are served especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays, coinciding with the local street market.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Churruca

Churruca (gastrobar)

/ / /
This gastrobar, situated in pedestrian area of A Baldosa, is decorated in a retro industrial style in which wood and iron are mixed and combined with stone. It has an open kitchen, and its products are of outstanding high-quality.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Marimorena

La Marimorena

/ /
It stands out for its modern dishes prepared with high-quality products . Both the restaurant and its terrace are decorated tastefully with attention to detail giving rise to a very warm atmosphere in which guests receive a friendly and personalized service. It is situated in A Baldosa, a pedestrian central area and one of the […]
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Baldosa

La Baldosa

/ / / /
This establishment stands out for its different kinds of meat and rice dishes. It has a large terrace on a pedestrian area, one of the most traditional and bustling streets to taste wines and tapas in Vilagarcía.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Bar De Co

El Bar de Co

/ / / /
This establishment, located in the pedestrian area of A Baldosa, has a terrace and a large dining room on the first floor. Amongst its in-house home-style food, worthy of mention are its deli hamburgers, sea food from the Ría de Arousa and its 100% authentic Galician meat.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Trastero

El Trastero Bar

/ / / / /
This bar, decorated in a modern style with a Scandinavian touch, provides a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in which a coffee, any of its well prepared recipes or a refreshing cocktail become a pleasure, either indoors or on its quiet terrace situated in a pedestrian area.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías DMaría


/ / /
Situated in a pedestrian area in the centre of Vilagarcía, this small establishment stands out for its pleasant and friendly atmosphere. It offers a wide range of dishes cooked with a traditional touch amongst which its casseroles are its speciality. Its priviledged location allows for a terrace.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Taller Olvido

Taller del Olvido

/ / /
This small but tastely decorated establishment is located in a pedestrian area. It offers traditional products cooked with an innovative and modern touch, amongst which crispy langoustines and tacos stand out.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Doña Tapa

Doña Tapa

/ / / /
Situated in a pedestrian area where it has a terrace, this small but bustling establishment offers a great variety of tapas prepared with local produce as well as a wide selection of wines.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Misterio

O Misterio

/ /
There is a menu full of tastes ranging from original tapas prepared with local products to other more international ones. The food is presented with style and originality and can be tasted both indoors and on its quiet terrace opened onto a pedestrian area.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Moreiras

As Moreiras

/ / / /
This popular establishment among locals provides a friendly and pleasant atmosphere as well as a shaded terrace. Amongst its homemade recipes cooked with local and seasonal products, the empanadas stuffed with squid and octopus stand out.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Gambrinus


/ / / / /
This tapas bar, located inside the Arousa Shopping Centre is a peaceful and friendly establishement. Amongst the variety of dishes found in its menu, worth of mention are the in-house 180gr beef burger, beef steak, chicken steak, portions, toasts, salads and homemade desserts prepared with fresh products.


/ / /
Large and light-filled establishment with a warm and cosy atmosphere which provides a kind and customer-friendly service. It offers a large and varied menu prepared with fresh market products.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Café Del Alma

Café del alma

/ / / /
Situated on the seafront promenade, it has a large terrace with views onto A Concha beach and the ría of Arousa. It offers traditional dishes such as toast with mushrooms, quail eggs and Iberian ham, or Alma’s scrambled eggs.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Picoteo

El Picoteo

/ /
With a wine bar décor and a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, its exquisite recipes give rise to a selection of tapas and portions amongst which Spanish omelette, especial homemade salad, calamari a la romana (coated in batter and fried in olive oil), raxo (Galician chopped pork loin), steamed mussels and peppers from Padrón stand out.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías De Mercado


/ / / /
This establishment, located in a pedestrian area, provides tastes prepared with seasonal fresh produce from the market and more particularly seafood and fish from the Ría de Arousa.

Wine Bars

Gastronomía Vilagarcía Vinoteca Xose's


/ / / / /
This establishment which has been open for more than 30 years is located in the always bustling pedestrian area of A Baldosa. It offers “real homestyle” food as it used to be prepared but with a touch of innovation.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Vinoteca Arcos

Bodega Os Arcos

/ / / / /
This traditional bar has been open for more than thirty-five years. It is decorated in a modern style in which the use of wood and the colour black stand out. It also has an inner courtyard with vegetation around it. Its tapas consist mainly of cold food: cold cuts, cheese, paté and canned food.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Vinoteca Malquerida

La Malquerida

/ / /
Located in the heart of the A Alameda, the pleasant service offered by the staff makes this establishment a nice place to eat out. Specialized in meats, its dishes are cooked with market produce. It also offers some Tex-Mex dishes.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Vinoteca Insuíña


/ /
This establishment, located in the bustiling area of A Baldosa, has a large terrace. It offers a wide selection of local wines to accompany its traditional and succulent tapas.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Vinoteca Derby


/ / / / / /
This originally decorated establishment is located in the centre of the town, in the most crowded pedestrian and commercial area. It has two terraces on two different streets. Its innovative dishes, changed every three months, can be accompanied by a wide selection of wines and beers.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Vinoteca Pepe Quilé

Pepe Quilé

/ / /
This establishment is tastefully decorated in a sailing style which makes it very warm and cosy. It also has a small terrace. Its homestyle tapas, portions, and desserts are based on Galician traditional cuisine and can be tasted with a varied selection of local wines.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Vinoteca Villa Vinos

Villa Vinos

/ / / /
Located in the heart of A Mariña street, it has a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy good wines together with delicious tapas such as pork loin“a feira” (seasoned with olive oil, paprika and salt) and bread rolls.

Sandwich Shops

La Urbana

Small, modern and very modern premises located in the pedestrian zone of O Castro. It offers a new concept of American style food.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Curruncho

O Curruncho

/ / /
Located near O Castro, it provides a terrace on a pedestrian area in the centre of the city. As its name suggests, this is a small establishment where good tapas and a wide variety of bread rolls can be tasted.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías A Vila

A Vila

/ / / / / / / / /
It is located in a pedestrian area where it has a terrace. It stands out for its quiet atmosphere and variety of dishes with specialities such as octopus, calamari, roasted ham and Spanish omelette.

El Chirinjito

/ / / / / / /
Simple décor, small in size and frequented by young people, this lively establishment is located in the heart of a pedestrian area. Its menu offers a wide range of portions and bread rolls that can be tasted while listening to some good music (rock, funk…). In the evening, they also serve cocktails. On Tuesdays and […]

El Flaco

/ / / /
Its home-made dishes prepared with local produce are basically served in portions, bread rolls and hamburguers. It is a lively establishment with a pleasant atmosphere and good music. Alongside its ordinary menu, on public holidays it serves octopus, previously ordered.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Vinitos


/ / / / / /
It is located close to the pedestrian area. This pleasant and cosy establishment is a good place to watch sports events on TV, especially in wintertime.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Tapeo

O Tapeo

/ /
In the heart of A Alameda, this establishment offers a great variety of bread rolls which can be eaten on its quiet terrace.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Jardín

Burguer jardín

/ / /
It is located on a pedestrian area opposite a very quiet square in the centre of Vilagarcía. This establishmet, which has long been open, provides a pleasant atmosphere.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Tranquilo


/ / / /
This pleasant bar offers in homemade dishes cooked with fresh products.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías El Paso

El Paso

/ / / / / / /
This establishment located opposite the railway station provides a pleasant and warm atmosphere. It serves traditional dishes such as baby squids, roasted ham, Russian salad, peppers from Padrón and XL-sized bread rolls.

Madia Leva

Comfortable and spacious establishment with a lively atmosphere all day long. It offers abundant tapas and a great variety of bread rolls and hamburguers.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterias Bo Viño

Bodegón do bo viño

/ / /
Wine bar of agreeable atmosphere where to enjoy homestyle food or to have a cocktail during the week-ends. Its traditional dishes can be savoured with local wines such as País and Ribeiro.


/ / / /
With a modern and European style, this establishment provides a quiet and agreeable atmosphere and offers the possibility of savouring its specialities such as a hearty breakfast, homemade hamburguers or some great cocktails either indoors or on its covered terrace. Its American dishes are prepared with fresh high quality products. Some other specialities include breakfast […]
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Faster

Faster meals

/ / / /
Situated in the shopping centre of Vilagarcía, it offers tapas, salads, combo platters, hamburguers, sandwiches, bread rolls, focaccias, children’s menu and a great variety of ice-cream flavours and homestyle desserts.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías La Pepita

La Pepita

/ / / / / / /
A variety of special deli hamburguers can be tasted both insinde this modern and originally decorated establishment and outdoors on its cosy terrace located in a pedestreian area.