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The Salnés area, with Vilagarcía as its main town, has many natural, historic and touristic attractions worth discovering. The area has a high population density and, consequently, a dense network of roads and secondary roads. This has an advantage in that it makes communication and connections between the different towns easier, but it may mean an inconvenience for the visitor since they may get misled. Do not worry: having the main arteries clear, you will not get lost. And in the end, all roads lead to …Vilagarcía…

Carretera Vilagarcía

Vilagarcía - Santiago

There are two options: the AP-9 motorway, which can be taken in Caldas (acceding through  the Vilagarcía exit towards Pontevedra) or the PO-548 road which runs along the coast from Carril to Padron via Catoira.

Carretera Vilagarcía

Vilagarcía - O Grove

There are two main options,  the VG-4.3  road going inland or the PO-549 along the coast. In both cases, there are accesses to Vilanova, A Illa, Cambados, Meis, Meaño and Sanxenxo.

Carretera Vilagarcía


As well as the motorway, the PO-531 road via Baión (Vilanova), Meis, Barro, and Poio can be used. There is also an inland route along the PO-301 road which leads to Lobeira’s viewpoint.

Dentro Vilagarcía

Vilagarcía inside

Vilagarcía encourages the use of sustainable transport in a city addressed more to pedestrians rather than to cars. Aiming to promote walking, and  the use of bicycles and buses, the VAI! – Municipal Program of Mobility- was created.

Vaiapé! (Go on foot) 

This program aims to increase the number of people walking along the town. Some maps, similar to underground maps, inform the visitant about the distance, in meters and minutes, that separates the main streets and squares, as well as the tourist attractions and the basic services (parking facilities, taxi ranks, bicycle rentals, health centres and so on).

Logo Vai a Pé!
Logo Vai Bike!


The municipal service  of bicycle rentals aims to encourage the use of  bikes as an efficient and healthy means of transport to be used in the city, contributing to a more sustainable mobility. It complements  public transport perfectly and  aims to cover short distances within the town.  This service has several parking racks where bicycles can be taken and left: O Cavadelo, Renfe railway estation, Plaza de la Libertad (Carril), Avenida de Cambados (As Pistas, near the sports centre) and Doña Concha Park (Vilaxoan). Rentals can be for a day, a week, a month or a year. This service is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The time of use is unlimited but subject to periods of two hours, after which the bicycle must be left, although it can be taken again afterwards.


This service aims to reduce the use of  private vehicles and to encourage the use of public transport in the municipal area. The Vaibus! card is free and can be obtained on the bus itself or in Pereira headquearters, the transport company, (Grupo Abalo) as well as in the Municipal Tourist Office. It offers unlimited number of rides during 30 days, after charging the card with €20 on any municipal bus line.

Municipal Tourist Information Office Phone : 986 50 10 27

Logo Renfe


More than fifteen trains run both ways daily, that is approximately one every 60 minutes, from early in the morning until after ten in the evening. Vilagarcía station is placed practically in the middle of the main railway of Galicia, the one which links A Coruña and Vigo and, consequently, it provides Vilagarcía with a direct connection to Pontevedra and Santiago.


  • Radio Taxi (24h)Ph. 986 51 15 11
  • Tele TaxiPh. 986 50 77 77

Fixed stops

  • Renfe Station
  • San Roque Street
  • Conde de Vallellano Street


Vilagarcía has a bus station (López Ballesteros Avenue) from which regional  bus routes are organized,  and a main bus stop at O Cavadelo (just in front of the Tourist Information Office) where the main urban lines stop. Phone: 986 50 77 23.

Urban transport

It connects the centre of Vilagarcía to the main parishes and suburbial areas: Carril, Vilaxoan, O Rial, Guillán, Cornazo, Trabanca Badiña, Trabanca Sardiñeira, A Torre, András, Renza, Galáns, Fontecarmoa and Bamio. Some lines connect Vilagarcía to the O Salnés Hospital; Dimo, Coaxe and Catoira (council of Catoira) and Pontecesures.

Provincial and regional transport

Vilagarcía – Cambados- O Grove- A Toxa
Vilagarcía – Vilanova-Illa De Arousa
Vilagarcía – Illa de Arousa
Vilagarcía – Padrón – Santiago
Vilagarcía – Pontevedra

For further information: Grupo Monbús 

Other bus lines

Other bus lines reach other districts of the council as well as the capital of the province:
Vilagarcía – Zamar – Vilagarcía (Circle line)
Vilagarcía – Hospital del Salnés (Direct line)
Vilagarcía – Romai-Portas
Vilagarcía – Pontearnelas – András – Vilagarcía (Circle line)
Vilagarcía – Pontearnelas – Tragove

Caldas de Reis

Finally, there is also a direct bus line to Caldas de Reis.

  • Benito AbaloPh. 986 54 01 01

A Estrada

As well as to A Estrada via Caldas de Reis:
Vilagarcía-Caldas – La Estrada

  • Express de TabeirósPh. 986 540 101


Car rental


  • Avda Pontevedra, 66.
  • Ph 986 50 03 90


  • Avda Pontevedra s/n.
  • Ph 886 906 505 / 635 937 634
  • Rental of private and commercial vehicles

Caravan rentals

Autocaravanas Arousa

  • Avda Pontevedra 98, Nave 6.
  • Ph 886 90 80 97 / 676 534 948
  • They also have a caravan storage service

Bike rental



  • Arzobispo Andrade, 5.
  • Ph 986 501 644
  • Monday to Friday 10:00-13:30 and 16:30-20:30. Saturday 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:30. Summer : 10:00-13:30 and 17:00-21:00.
  • It provides bikes for adults and children as well as child seats

Rental of two-wheeled vehicles for children and adults

Oh Wheels

  • Avda. de La Marina, 76 Bajo.
  • Ph 633 599 881/ 627 819 380
  • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11:30-14:00 and 15:30-21:00
  • Rental scooters, electric scooters and cars for kids

Autocaravanas Arousa

  • Avda Pontevedra 98, Nave 6.
  • Ph 886 90 80 97 / 676 534 948
  • They also have a caravan storage service.

Boat rental either with or without a skipper

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Sea scooter rental


Kayak rental