Leisure and sports

Vivirla para conocerla, ocio y deporte

A fit city

Few places in the world offer the possibility of sailing practically at any time of the year. And Vilagarcía and is estuary are among the privileged. But, in addition, the city has sports and leisure facilities that allow its own people and visitors to be fit, like Vilagarcía itself. A public golf course a few kilometers away, swimming pools with spa, blue flag beaches, mountains where to hunt, rivers and docks where to fish, artificial grass tennis courts, beaches for sunbathing, walking and playing… If you want, you can.


Vilagarcía, the beginning of the ría deArousa, can be proud of its mild waters and not very cold beaches, so common in the Galician estuaries. The main beach of the area is the Concha-Compostela beach. In summer, not only the locals, but people from inland areas, come to this beach, attracted by its excellent facilities and easy connections. In fact, it was the great influx of people from Santiago, which baptised the beach with the name of Compostela. In addition to this, there are two other beaches which have been distinguished with the EU Blue Flag: O Preguntoiro (Vilaxoán) and Bamio.


Concha-Compostela beach is located between the town centres of Vilagarcía and Carril, joined by a nearly 12-Km seafront promenade.

The beach provides many showers distributed along the beach, rubbish bins, public toilets, fountains, kiosks and bars. The beach is cleaned on a daily basis. During the summer, official lifeguards look after safety and surveillance.


This peaceful beach, awarded the EU  Blue Flag,  is located in the most southern point of the municipality, just after the Vilaxoán port. It is a sheltered beach that has all the services, and is in walking distance to a promenade and a playground.

Visitar Vilagarcía, playas Bamio


The most northeast located beach, and also the only river beach, in the heart of  the mouth of the river Ulla, or which is the same, at the beginning of the ría of Arousa, hence, the uniqueness of its waters. The beach has been awarded the EU Blue Flag and includes all the services.


At the side of the road running alongside the sea between Vilagarcía and Vilaxoán, half way between both ports, and located in Sobradelo, Canelas, a cala or inlet rather than a beach, mostly used by the locals living nearby, offers a unique sight of the ría.

Castelete Beach (a beach for pets)

The dog beach has all the  necessary facilities for animal safety and comfortability. There is a fence enclosing the beach area to prevent dogs from running away to the road next to it. It has two entrances for pedestrians, a fountain with tap water and litter bins, as well as  a grass area with some benches. Moreover, it includes all the  corresponding signage.


The Ría of Arousa is a unique place to practice nautical sports throughout the year. In fact, regattas form part of the marine landscape.

The marina is the most important in the ría. It offers up to 450 moorings, a port building with restaurant, and an area of bars, pubs and cinemas.

Centro Galego de Vela

Real Club de Regatas Galicia

  • Avda da Mariña, 74.
  • Phone 986 50 01 23 / Fax 986 50 84 14

Club de Remo Vilaxoán

  • Ramón Patiño, 7.
  • Phone 696 712 194

Federación Galega de Vela

  • Muelle da Bouza, s/n - Vigo
  • Phone 986 23 71 16 (Escuela) / 23 71 16


Vilagarcía has a heated pool located in the sports complex of Fontecarmoa. The facility also has other services such as weight room, maintenance gymnastics or an appeling and relaxing,  urban spa, the first of these characteristics in the municipality.

Piscina Municipal de Vilagarcía

  • Sports Center of Fontecarmoa
  • Phone 986 51 27 16
  • WinterMonday – Friday 7:00 – 23:15; Saturday, 8:00 – 21:00; Sunday and public holidays 10:00 – 13:30
  • JulyMonday – Friday 7:00 – 14:00; 18:00 – 23:00; Saturday, 9:00 -14:00; Sunday and public holidays, 10:00 – 13:00
  • AugustMonday - Friday 7:00-14:00h; 18:00-22:30; Saturday 9:00-13:00h; Sunday and public holidays, close.

Club de Natación y Salvamento Vilagarcía de Arousa

Scuba Diving

If the sourface of the Ría de Arousa is something worth knowing, its seabed is not far behind. Although scuba diving is still a minority sport, initiatives have begun to emerge to popularize it among all society sectors. In Vilagarcía you can take courses of all levels to start or perfect the practice of this sport.

Centro de Buceo Medusa

Club Deportivo Pérez Sub

  • Avda. de la Marina, 108-1º.
  • Phone 986 512 719 / 628 723 936
  • clubperezsub


Sea angling is the only type of this sport you can practice in Vilagarcía. Enthusiasts have the possibility to practice angling in the harbours of Carril or Vilaxoán, although the best option is angling offshore, from a boat.

Galician Federation of Angling


Open season starts in September or October until January or February. The first week is usually for wild boar hunting. Rabbit and partridge season, amongst others, take place later in the year.
A gaming licence is necessary for hunting; licences are valid for one year.

Consellería de Medio Ambiente (delegación provincial)


Vilagarcía Town Council is and was, together with other councils, the promoter of the opening of the first public golf course in Galicia.These facilities are located in Monte Castrove (Meis) near  the Armenteira monastery.This golf course has eighteen holes, in addition, there is a practice golf course and a golf school. It also has a social club, school and equipment for rent.

Fundación Monte Castrove


For enthusiasts of tennis there are no less than four artificial grass tennis courts available in Fontecarmoa Sports Centre. Moreover, the Club de Tenis O Rial has also several tennis courts where different competitions are held throughout the year.

Complejo Polideportivo de Fontecarmoa

  • T 661 545 031

Club de Tenis O Rial


Vilagarcía and its surroundings offer numerous attractions to enjoy by bike. The landscape diversity and its proximity to other neighbouring towns make cycling an ideal activity to spend your free time.

Arousa en Bici

  • A. Cotarelo Valledor, 4.
  • T 617 725 607

Club Ciclista Lobeira

  • Avenida Doctor Tourón ,18.
  • T 986 51 18 34

Club Ciclista BTT Vilagarcía

  • Arcebispo Andrade, nº 5, bajo.
  • T 986 50 16 44

Club Ciclista BTT Trotacumes

  • T 654 729 070

Club Ciclista BTT Castrobikes

  • Carretera do Embalse, 43.
  • T 619 187 318

Cinemas / Cyber-cafés

There is also on offer a seven-screen cinema, located in the Gran Arousa Cinema Complex, in the marina. 986 565 930.  In addition, there is  a film club, called Adega which schedules films evey Wednesday in the Salón García.

Complejo Gran Arousa

Ádega Cine Club

Cíber-café La Ola

  • Avda. Rosalía de Castro, 93.
  • T 986 215 868


  • Calle García Caamaño, 13.
  • T 986 501 974

Zona wifi en todos los edificios municipales

Sports events

Vilagarcía has a long sports tradition, which covers many different fields. There is a basketball team in the National Feminine League 2, another in the men´s First National League, a girl’s football team in the second division and another men’s team in the third division, and a rugby club in the first regional division. Furtermore, the city is host to numerous sports events, of which the following stand out:

Miguel Ángel González Estévez’s Memorial

To honour Miguel Ángel González Estévez, a key Vilagarcian figure in the development of local basketball. This international tournament takes place the week before Easter and has a duration of 3 days. It aims at under-13 boys and girls.

Vilagarcía Basket Cup

This tournament can be considered a pioneer in the organization of international grassroot basketball tournaments, fact that contributed to gaining recognition and the sponsorship of key figures in the national basketball (from trainers to national team players). It takes place in Easter. Being a U-20 competition for some time, it  now focuses on  U-14, U-16 and U-19 boys and girls. In addition to the competition there are also some fun-filled activities aimed at children of the  U-12 category.

“Cidade De Vilagarcía” Triathlon

This team time trial triathlon is unique in Galicia and takes place the second Sunday of May. This activity is fast increasing the number of followers and participants year after year: around 400 sports men and women and 70 teams compete in an urban circuit. Today this event is a must for the best Galician triathletes.

“Cidade De Vilagarcía” U-12 And U-10 Tournament

This is an international soccer tournament organized by the Arousa SC which usually takes place the second fortnight of June. The best young players from Spain and from other countries gather for three days to spend time together and enjoy their favourite sport, football, but also to compete for a trophy which is gaining more and more popularity and prestige.

Almirante Rodríguez – Toubes Regatta

This sports event takes place in May and is organized by the Real Club de Regatas Galicia – royal Galician club of regattas- together with the Comisión Naval de Regatas de la Escuela Naval de Marín – Naval Committee of Regattas of the Naval School of Marín. More than 35 vessels compete in the keelboat category (ORC keelboats, veteran and classic yatchs) sailing between Marín-Vilagarcía and viceversa.

Galician Sailing Week

The second weekend of July, the Centro Gallego de Vela – Galician sailing centre – with headquarters in Vilagarcía, organizes what it is nowadays considered the event of the year for the dinghy sailing in Galicia. All the classes of this sports discipline participate: Optimist, Windsurf, Laser 47, Radial Laser, 4.20 and standard Laser. Some other classes, depending on the year, are invited to participate such as Finn, Vurien, Snipe or Radiocontrol.

“Puerto De Vilagarcía” Open Water Swimming

This competition organized by the Club de Natación y Salvamento Vilagarcía- Vilagarcían swimming and lifesaving club- is included in the Galician Open Water Circuit. It takes place in July. Participants can opt for 2,500, 1,200 and even 250 metres, according to their age.

San Roque Regatta And Ramiro Carregal Regatta

These two events organized by the Real Club de Regatas Galicia gather more than 30 snipe vessels. Both competitions take place at the same time in Vilagarcian waters, the weekend after 16th of August coinciding with the Patron Saint festivals.

Encesta-Rías ACB

International basketball tournament which brings to Vilagarcía some of the best ACB teams for two days of September. Additionally to the tournament, the Pick&Rock offers activities and competitions for kids and grown-ups, Djs and live music.

Adolfo Pedrido Morla Memorial

In September there is an international chess tournament carried out in honour of Adolfo Pedrido, a chess figure in the town and a promoter of grassroot sport for decades.