Port and promenade

Vivirla para conocerla, visitar

Since Vilagarcía was founded, it has always remained deeply devoted to the sea,  thus, once in Vilagarcía, a visit to the port is a must. From the muelle de pasajeros, or passenger quay, where the street is pedestrianized, the size of the port can be seen to its full extent. Also heading towards the north, it is the marina, with nearly five hundred sailing berths which makes it one of the best in Galicia, and continuing in this direction we come across the A Concha and Compostela Beaches and the Cortegada Island.

The marina

The marina includes many facilities one of which is a noticeable building, made of timber and located above the sea. It hosts a restaurant and one of the best open terraces in the city. Next to it, and separated only by the promenade we find a recreational area with beer houses, pubs and a seven-screen cinema.

Seafront promenade

As we continue along the recreational area of the port, visitors can enjoy the two-kilometre promenade which joins the towns of Vilagarcía and Carril alongside the coast, from the Concha beach to the Carril clam farms passing by the Compostela beach.

Port of carril

The seafood port of Carril, located in the mouth of the river Ulla, just in front of Cortegada Island, bases its economy on farming cockles and its well-know clams. Its dock protects the small boats used for catching seafood on board in the large area of clam farms around it. Carril also has a market in which the mollusks caught are auctioned.

Port of vilaxoán

The fishing port of Vilaxoan hosts a great variety of vessels equipped with cranes and the necessary tools for catching mussels from the bateas – wooden platforms for mussel cultivation– scattered across the ría. It also has its own market used for auctioning daily catches.