Parochial Church of Carril

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The church of Carril is dedicated to Santiago Apóstol and not by chance, taking into account the ancient relationship of the fishing village with Compostela, which was its port.

Santa Eulalia de Arealonga Church

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Baroque style, was built in the late seventeenth century, on a chapel or church whose origin is unknown. The parish itself is very old, in fact it appears in a document from 1142.

San Martín De Sobrán Church

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It is one of the most beautiful manifestations of Romanesque art in Galicia and also in Spain. Most studies place it chronologically in the twelfth century."

Church of Fontecarmoa

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The church of Fontecarmoa was always considered the Cinderella. However, it is - at least in origin - one of the oldest, as its primitive design dates from the twelfth century.