Church of Fontecarmoa

The church of Fontecarmoa was always considered the Cinderella. However, it is - at least in origin - one of the oldest, as its primitive design dates from the twelfth century.
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In the catalogue of Vilagarcian monuments, the church of Fontecarmoa has always been considered the Cinderella. However, it is – at least in its origins- one of the old-est, since its original design dates from the 12th century, although today’s building corresponds to the 16th century.

A saint face on the wall

Originaly, it is Romanesque and this is denoted in its apse, which is accessed through a round arch deco-rated with two outstanding capitals. Some medieval corbels representing figures in some kind of im-probable postures can also be seen in the façade.

Even so, what it really stands out in a very simple structure of a single nave like this are the remains of mural paintings which can be found inside. They  date from the 16th century and  represent an Anunciation, the Saint Face and the figures of the Apostles Peter and Paul. In the same way, some polychrome wooden carvings are also significant, especially the one representing the Christ in Majesty located in the apse loophole, heading the temple, as well as a figure of Santa Lucía that, according to many, is Romanesque like the church itself.

Originally Rom-anesque, worth of mention are its mural paintings from the 16th century

Address: 65, Fontecarmoa St. Fontecarmoa. 36600 – Vilagarcía de Arousa.


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