Routes along the Ría

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They offer personalized experiences and unique routes aboard small motorboats, sailing boats, jet skis or kayaks.

Routes on a Galleon

Enjoy a ride in an old galleon sailing on the Arousa estuary, and more specifically by the environment of the Island of Cortegada, is possible thanks to municipal collaboration with Rompetimóns.

Fishing routes

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Alvamar offers four different proposals to know as many productive systems of fishing and shellfish, even with the possibility of tasting.

360 Experience

The 360 experience is another way to get to know the main tourist resources of Vilaxoán, from the church and Sobrán country house to the old salt mines of O Rial. You can also go into the historic center or climb into a mussel platform. Click and let yourself go.

Maritime tourism route AUDIOGUIDE

A contorna de Carril e Cortegada é o escenario deste itinerario autoguiado. O roteiro consta de cinco paneis desde os que, á súa vez, pode acceder a unha audioguía, ao vídeo promocional e á relación de empresas que organizan experiencias arredor do turismo mariñeiro.

Maritime tourism route

The coastline linking Vilaxoán, Vilagarcía and Carril is the main feature of this self-guided route. Each panel has a QR code that will give you access to the audio guides, the promotional video and the catalogue of companies that offer seafaring tourism experiences.

Shell fishing tours

The shellfishermen Amarcarril association has launched a route in which the visitor knows first hand and at the foot of the nursery what shellfish.

Submarine routes

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Sumergirse hasta el fondo, en el sentido literal de la palabra, descubriendo hasta el último secreto de la vida marina y pecios de Arousa es posible en Vilagarcía

Green Railway Route

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This pedestrian and cycle-tourist path combines landscape, culture and history along its 9 km long route.

Trekking Routes

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The natural and scenic wealth of the municipality of Vilagarcía de Arousa well deserves an approach on foot. Privileged landscape: the river and estuary, the sea and the valley.
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