Shell fishing tours

The shellfishermen Amarcarril association has launched a route in which the visitor knows first hand and at the foot of the nursery what shellfish.
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Vilagarcía, Carril and Vilaxoán, seaports today and from their origins, have a long shell fishing tradition. Especially the second, Carril, which gives its name to the  famous clams. The women shellfish gatherers’ association Amarcarril, have designed a route in which the visitor is given first-hand information on the beach about what shell fishing consists of, the characteristics of the bivalve shellfish that they extract, and the tools and gear they use, and the processes and commerce that  is necessary to cultivate  clams and cockles from the moment they are planted until they reach a table.

During this visit,  people involved are given the necessary tools and material to practice how to carry out this activity on the farms  with the help of the women shellfish gatherers acting as their trainers. For further informationrmation and reservations : following the expert advice of the women shellfish gatherers. The visit takes one hour and can be complemented with clam tasting.