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Gastronomía Vilagarcía Desayunos Village Bakery

Village Bakery

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This tranquil and calm establishment is decorated with a European vintage style. It is specialized in signature breakfast and fresh and natural smoothies.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Desayunos Vilagarcía

Cafetería Vilagarcía

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With a terrace on A Baldosa, this establishment stands out for its homemade churros.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Desayunos Gretel


The homemade products that Alonso confectionery and  bakery has been making since 1947 can nowadays be tasted in this coffee shop specialized in breakfasts and  situated in the heart of the pedestrian street of A Baldosa.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Desayunos Estocolmo

Stocolmo 2.0

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Situated in the most social and commercial hub of the town, with two terraces on two pedestrian streets. It is decorated in a retro-industrial modern style with  attention to details. Its specialities are  coffees and vermouths.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Desayunos Diúrno


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This establishment, situated in a pedestrian and tranquil street in the centre of Vilagarcía provides a casual and comfortable atmosphere and a tasteful décor. It offers breakfasts made with natural and fresh ingredients amongst which happy bowls, water melon toast, crepes with yogourt and fruit stand out. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails are served at any time of the day. Its strawberry lemonade is also very popular.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Desayunos Tertulia


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This pleasant, tranquil and tastefully decorated establishment is situated in the ever-bustling Alameda. Its menu includes the special coffees and hot chocolate “with a message”, fresh fruit juices, fresh-made milk shakes and a wide variety of selected  herbal  infusions. Its specialities are toasts of traditional Galician bread with tomato, ham, oil and goat cheese as well as waffles with cocoa butter and cream. These delicacies can be tasted either indoors or on its spacious terrace.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Desayunos Boutique Pan

La boutique del pan

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Homemade confectionery with a modern décor, it provides a very pleasant atmosphere and has a children’s play area.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Rápida Pizzeta Javi

La Pizzeta de Javi (Italian cuisine)

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Small establishment situated in a pedestrian area, specialized in traditionally-made  pizzas with  the special ingredient of PDO Arzúa-Ulloa cheese. They are sold  either  by the  whole or by the slice.
Gatronomía Vilagarcía Rápida Papaya

Papaya Hot Dog

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This establishment which is situated in a tranquil pedestrian area provides a pleasant atmosphere. It offers hot dogs and delicious  fresh-fruit jucies.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Rápida Burguer King

Burger King

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Located in the shopping centre in the heart of Vilagarcía, this establishment offers a pleasant atmosphere. The popular Whopper stands out.
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