Asian Kitchen
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Asiática Dragón Oro

Dragón de Oro (chinese restaurant)

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The first traditional Chinese restaurant of this area since 1993 is located in the centre of Vilagarcía and has a typical oriental décor and a cozy atmosphere. Its specialities, cooked with local produce, include fried rice, Chinese noodles and chicken with almonds.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Asiática Asiático Sushi

Asiático y Sushi (asian restaurant)

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Cosy and modern restaurant with excellent views on to A Concha beach. Amongst its Asian dishes - more specifically Chinese and Japanese food –noodles on hot platter, sushi, Chinese noodles and spring rolls stand out. .
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Asiática Oshiba

Ochiba (japanese restaurant)

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The combination of high quality ingredients and the best traditional Japanese cooking methods provides a menu full of dishes that are a feast for the senses.