Fishing routes

Alvamar offers four different proposals to know as many productive systems of fishing and shellfish, even with the possibility of tasting.
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Alvamar offers four different trips to know four different  fishing and shell fishing productive systems with the possibility of tasting the products.


Lamprey fishing

In March and April. From Vilagarcía to Pontecesures, via Catoira, the trip goes up the river Ulla. Visitors are given information about lamprey fishing, the fishing gear, how lampreys are caught and the different procedures to sell them. Tasting is also possible (prior reservation).

Fishing in Northern Arousa and Southern Arousa

All year round. The boat sets off from Vilagarcía towards Rianxo across Cortegada National Park waters to see and know the traditional shell fishing in the clam and cockle farms.

Fishing at dusk

In June. The boat setts off from Vilagarcía during the sunset in order to observe the sky and the traditional fishing sytem of “xeito” common at this time of the year. The star and constellation observation as well as the legends about them are also part of the trip.

Eel fishing

From November to February. The boat sets off from Vilagarcía and goes around Cortegada Island (National Park) in order to know how eels are fished, to end up with a visit to the island and to the market of Carril (just at opening times).