San Martín De Sobrán Church

It is one of the most beautiful manifestations of Romanesque art in Galicia and also in Spain. Most studies place it chronologically in the twelfth century."
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San Martín de Sobrán church is one of the most beautiful Romanesque monuments in Galicia as well as in Spain. Most studies set it in the 12th century, although some experts consider it might be older due to the remains of anthropoid tombs found there.


Although it is  a rural church, linked to the nearby  pazo of Sobrán, worth of mention is the great space of its nave divided  in three sections by  some cross-wise archs which, in its turn,  support a splendid semicircular dome. A side niche  shows the laying image of Xoán Mariño, the founder of Vilaxoan.

In the thick walls of the church there are some openings  which are considered – alongside the whole church-  one of the main features of  Romanesque art:  arrow-hole shape, round arch, archivolts and  finely decorated capitels. It is important to highlight the so called checkered pattern, the decorative geometric motif around the windows which corroborate the influence of the Cathedral of Santiago and the pilgrimages going there.

The checkered pat-tern around the windows corrobo-rate the influence of Santiago and the way leading there.


Unfortunately, its façade does not have its original aspect, since, on the one hand, its stone tracery which divided the central rose window is missing, on the other it also lacks the equestrian figure of San Martin, patron saint of the parish, which had a prominence position in the church up to the end of the 19th century.

The last aspect to highlight is the apse, no only for its windows, whose main features are clearly seen, but for its corbels – small sculpted pieces which support the cornice – in which the artists gave free rein to their imagination. Such is the case of  some of the figures showing a posture which cannot be considered appropriate for a temple.

Address: Rúa Sobrán, 43. Vilaxoán. 36611 – Vilagarcía de Arousa.

Web: San Martín de Sobrán-VILAXOÁN


Phone: 986 50 09 15

Visits: Worship times: Winter (1st September – 30th June): working days, 18:00 h; Publid holiday Eves, 18:00; public holidays , 11:00 and 12:00. Summer (1st July – 31st August): working days, 19:00; publick holiday eves, 19:00; public holidays, 11:00 y 12:00.