Wine Route

It allows the tourist to visit several wineries in the region. In all of them you will be able to taste the wine, also its aguardientes.
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The Rías Baixas wine route, one of the pioneers in Spain for its organization and signage, allows the visitors to take a closer look at the different wineries in the region: co-operatives, family-run, urban, old, traditional wineries. In all of them, our visitors will have the chance to taste some of the locally produced wines, as well as aguardientes – home-brew spirits -and  to know, directly from the producers, how they transform the golden and delicate Albariño grape into the renowned and delicious wine.


The job of the O Salnés wine growers (including Vilagarcian wine growers) has placed Albariño wine at the top of the world’s best white wines. The result being, that it has won numerous awards in some of the most prestigious wine exhibitions and contests. O Salnés is not only the biggest cultivation, and production area  but also the birthplace of the Albariño.

Vilagarcía has three wineries available for those who want to know them:


the Rías Baixas denominations regulatory board


Maior de Mendoza Winery

For further information and reservations:
Calle Xiabre, 58. 36610 – Trabanca Sardiñeira, Carril. Phone 986 50 88 96

Eladio Piñeiro Family-run Winery

For further information and reservations:
Sobrán, 38. 36611 – Vilaxoán. Phone 986 51 17 71

Pazo Rubianes Winery

For further information and reservations:
Calle Pazo, 7. 36619 – Rubiáns. Phone 986 51 05 34 / 619 26 18 47