Stone cross routes

This self-guided itinerary allows us to enter the lesser known Vilagarcía, through 47 works of art carved in stone scattered throughout the most rural areas of the municipality.
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. This  self-guided itinerary allows us to know the least known aspect of Vilagarcía through 47 sculptures, real works of art,  scattered  over the most rural  Vilagarcía. At crossroads, chapels, churches, cementeries or alongside the coast indicating Saint James Way by boat,   different locations for this isolated stone crosses which constitute one of the hallmarks of the Galician landscape. A dozen  explanatory planels give information about their origin, historic circumstances, symbols, mysteries, magical qualities or legeds around them. These are the different zones where we can find them:

Zone 1: Arealonga and Fontecarmoa

O Castro – San Roque Chapel – Cementery – Pazo of A Golpelleira– A Torre – A Laxe – Cardalda – Fontecarmoa de Arriba.

Zone 2: Bamio

O Pedroso – O Casal – Punta Grandoiro – Campanario Playa – Campanario Rectoral – O Vilar – O Salgueiral.

Zone 3: Carril

Os Anxos – San Roque Chapel – Santiago Carril Church– Cortegada Church – Cortegada Punta Corveiro – Malveira Chica.

Zone 4: Cea

San Antoniño do Pousadoiro – Casal do Vento – San Pedro de Cea Church – Rectoral – Castroagudín Fountain.


Zone 5: Rubiáns

Pazo of Rubiáns – A Bouza – Quintáns – Soutelo

Zone 6: Cornazo

Revelle –  San Pedro de Cornazo Church-  O Moscallo – O Freixeiro

Zone 7. Sobrán y Sobradelo

Sobradelo – Pazo of O Rial– Pazo of Sobrán – Plaza da Bouza – Faxilde – Faxilde (C/ do Xogo) – O Piñeiro – O Piñeiro de Arriba – Renza – Renza (Camino Real) – Maceiras (Rúa Nova).

Zone  8: Solobeira

San Fiz – O Sisto.