Horse Riding Routes

Getting to know the most rural Vilagarcía in a relaxed and peaceful way is possible thanks to the horse riding routes along paths and paths enabled by forest areas.
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Knowing the most rural Vilagarcía is possible thanks to some the bridle paths going through the forests. With the help of a trainer (one each 5 riders), in small groups and after some instructions on how to handle the horse, there is the possibility of enjoying nature by riding through a  Galician forest. The horses used for the routes belong to a riding school so they are very well trained and allow both children (over 3 years old) and adults to participate no matter whether  they are expert or not.  The routes are personalized which means that every group can choose itineraries, stops or even  to have a  picnic. The shortest routes (about 1 hour) are recommended to the little ones  and the inexperienced.