Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Tapeo

O Tapeo

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In the heart of A Alameda, this establishment offers a great variety of bread rolls which can be eaten on its quiet terrace.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Jardín

Burguer jardín

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It is located on a pedestrian area opposite a very quiet square in the centre of Vilagarcía. This establishmet, which has long been open, provides a pleasant atmosphere.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Tranquilo


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This pleasant bar offers in homemade dishes cooked with fresh products.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías El Paso

El Paso

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This establishment located opposite the railway station provides a pleasant and warm atmosphere. It serves traditional dishes such as baby squids, roasted ham, Russian salad, peppers from Padrón and XL-sized bread rolls.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterias Bo Viño

Bodegón do bo viño

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Wine bar of agreeable atmosphere where to enjoy homestyle food or to have a cocktail during the week-ends. Its traditional dishes can be savoured with local wines such as País and Ribeiro.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías Faster

Faster meals

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Situated in the shopping centre of Vilagarcía, it offers tapas, salads, combo platters, hamburguers, sandwiches, bread rolls, focaccias, children’s menu and a great variety of ice-cream flavours and homestyle desserts.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Bocaterías La Pepita

La Pepita

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A variety of special deli hamburguers can be tasted both insinde this modern and originally decorated establishment and outdoors on its cosy terrace located in a pedestreian area.
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