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Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Mareas Vivas

Mareas Vivas

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This bar is situated in the pedestrian area of O Castro with a small terrace on it. Its speacialities - Spanish omelette and callos (tripe stew with chickpeas) - are served especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays, coinciding with the local street market.

As Eiras (Tavern)

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Situated a step away from the beach and decorated in a rustic style, it provides a pleasant atmosphere. Amongst its specialities its clams "a la marinera", fresh fish, squid, cuttlefish and other sea delicacies stand out.

Flora (Tavern)

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Stablishment with a pleasant atmosphere that is located just a few metres from the port of Vilaxoan. It offers traditional dishes prepared with fresh produce from the ría of Arousa; mussels with sauce is its speciality.

Loxe Mareiro (Restaurant)

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This eating house which provides a rustic warm style with a contemporary edge is specialized in seafood. It is located on the shore of  the ría of Arousa and includes  an al fresco terrace on the  same promenade. It serves Galician recipes made with local produce with a touch of innovation. It offers  a choice of dishes from its  menu or a tasting menu.

Loliña (Seafood restaurant)

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This restaurant was founded in 1939 over the old Customs office of the port of Carril. With views onto the ría and Cortegada island, it offers a wide assortment of seafood and fish and clams from Carril in different preparations.

Casa Bóveda (Seafood restaurant)

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A century-old building houses this restaurant in which a menu full of traditional and fresh dishes can be tasted. 

Luchana (Seafood restaurant)

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 This establishment, located in the port of Carril, has a terrace with views onto the ría and  Cortegada island. Its traditional cuisine is based on rice dishes and stews made with molluscs and fish caught in the ría.

Furruxa (Seafood restaurant)

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This restaurant located in the port of Carril has been open for more than 40 years. Its cuisine is based on seafood and fish prepared with rice or in casserole.

Plácido (Restaurant)

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Connected to the Hotel Carril, in the heart of the promenade, it has a spacious terrace with splendid views. Plácido restaurant offers a wide range of tastes according to the market and a cuisine that blends tradition with a touch of innovation.

Churrasco a ría (Grill house)

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Located near the beach it serves not only the typical grilled pork ribs but also fish and Galician broth and stew every Wednesday. Groups of friends and  business lunches provide the restaurant with a very lively atmosphere. 
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