Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Doña Tapa

Doña Tapa

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Situated in a pedestrian area where it has a terrace, this small but bustling establishment offers a great variety of tapas prepared with local produce as well as a wide selection of wines.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Misterio

O Misterio

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There is a menu full of tastes ranging from original tapas prepared with local products to other more international ones. The food is presented with style and originality and can be tasted both indoors and on its quiet terrace opened onto a pedestrian area.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Moreiras

As Moreiras

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This popular establishment among locals provides a friendly and pleasant atmosphere as well as a shaded terrace. Amongst its homemade recipes cooked with local and seasonal products, the empanadas stuffed with squid and octopus stand out.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Gambrinus


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This tapas bar, located inside the Arousa Shopping Centre is a peaceful and friendly establishement. Amongst the variety of dishes found in its menu, worth of mention are the in-house 180gr beef burger, beef steak, chicken steak, portions, toasts, salads and homemade desserts prepared with fresh products.


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Large and light-filled establishment with a warm and cosy atmosphere which provides a kind and customer-friendly service. It offers a large and varied menu prepared with fresh market products.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Café Del Alma

Café del alma

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Situated on the seafront promenade, it has a large terrace with views onto A Concha beach and the ría of Arousa. It offers traditional dishes such as toast with mushrooms, quail eggs and Iberian ham, or Alma’s scrambled eggs.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías Picoteo

El Picoteo

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With a wine bar décor and a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, its exquisite recipes give rise to a selection of tapas and portions amongst which Spanish omelette, especial homemade salad, calamari a la romana (coated in batter and fried in olive oil), raxo (Galician chopped pork loin), steamed mussels and peppers from Padrón stand out.
Gastronomía Vilagarcía Taperías De Mercado


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This establishment, located in a pedestrian area, provides tastes prepared with seasonal fresh produce from the market and more particularly seafood and fish from the Ría de Arousa.

As Eiras (Tavern)

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Situated a step away from the beach and decorated in a rustic style, it provides a pleasant atmosphere. Amongst its specialities its clams "a la marinera", fresh fish, squid, cuttlefish and other sea delicacies stand out.

Flora (Tavern)

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Stablishment with a pleasant atmosphere that is located just a few metres from the port of Vilaxoan. It offers traditional dishes prepared with fresh produce from the ría of Arousa; mussels with sauce is its speciality.
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